The Studio Avvocato Chiusano law firm was founded in Turin in 1964 by the lawyer Vittorio Chiusano, who has always been convinced that the training of young lawyers was the true essence of the profession. He has trained in his firm many young people who over the years have carried out the difficult profession of attorney with competence and passion, following his aspiration towards the free profession of the practice of law, or as a magistrate.

In the 1980s, the founder, together with his main collaborators at the time Gian Paolo Zancan and Ennio Festa, who died prematurely in 1998, extended the collaboration to external criminal and civil lawyers, including his colleague Carlo Umberto Minni, and a legal firm was created which had the opportunity to train an even higher number of young people, who are now established attorneys.



From 1990 the firm took the form of an association, under which it still operates today, thanks to the presence of the daughter of Vittorio Chiusano, Attorney Anna Vittoria and the attorneys Luigi Chiappero, Luigi Giuliano and Massimo Strumia.

With the aim of keeping intact the teaching of its founder, today numerous attorneyss of different ages collaborate with the firm, in the belief that the new challenges of the profession can only be overcome thanks to the perfect combination of the structured experience of attorneys historically present in the studio and the innovative freshness of the younger attorneys.

The firm’s consolidated experience in criminal matters provides clients with the necessary protection both to face judicial processes and to obtain the release of fundamental opinions in a world where every initiative must deal with compliance with the rules on a daily basis.

Having always specialized in corporate criminal law, and in particular in occupational safety and environmental crimes, as well as corporate and bankruptcy criminal law, the Studio Avvocato Chiusano Law Firm boasts particular experience in information law, sports law and crimes against the Public Administration. The pool of lawyers is also specialized in criminal tax law and in the liability of legal persons èx D. Lgs 231/01.
with the criminal attorneys of the firm